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Sep 21



I love October

What’s the dude on the left in the Beetlejuice waiting room scene holding? Its clearly some kind of clarinet!

It’s a hunting rifle if I remember correctly.

Sep 21

Go on anon and tell me something you’re too afraid to say off anon

Sep 21


I’m a goon and I love filters.

Reblogging because I’m pretty fucking adorable when I’m naked.

Sep 21


Photographer Steve Axford’s rare mushroom photos reveal the visual diversity of fungi.

Sep 21

Anonymous said: what are some dating tips you would give to young girls?


  • never let them know where you live
  • drive yourself or have back up transportation in case things go haywire
  • make sure you have your own money
  • don’t send them nudes
  • don’t assume your dates mean you’re in a relationship
  • don’t assume having sex with them will mean you’re in a relationship
  • keep an open mind
  • don’t ignore warning signs

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People are all up in arms about Sam Peppers video but guys, didn’t you see he hugged them and apologized. I know it’s wrong, but it’s not rape for god sakes. It’s violation but he apologizes.

Also, if it was Zoella or Louise and they were pinching boys bums then…

Sep 21




For The Masses:
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Sadly, being in the humanities means that I will almost NEVER find my books for free online (since most aren’t technically text books) but this is for others, hope this helps :(
Sep 21

Accidentally posted my nudes to the wrong blog but i look cute as fuck so i might end up reblogging them here anyways.

Sep 21
Sep 21

Woopsie. Wrong blog haha